Happyland Daycare

     Happyland is a ministry of First Baptist Church and is a full service daycare ministering to busy families who need work day care for their children. Happyland has been in operation for 46 years. We offer child care for children ages 18 months - Preschool. 

     Through structured activities, we hope to enable all of our children to experience God’s love through relationships with other children and adults, enjoy creative expression, think and make choices as an individual, develop motor skills,grow in trust, feel good about himself/herself, and prepare for academic achievement. 

     Please call our Happyland director, Missy, at 586-8525 with questions or to apply for your child's admission to Happyland.

Happyland Christmas

Program 2023

Happyland staff

Our teachers are a dedicated and loving staff and we are blessed to have the children that we have each year. The director and  teachers get very attached to the children and try to love them while they are with us.